A compass bell & computer

The best gadget we have is a simple and cheap, but effective bell. It has a compass! Nothing fancy, no GPS needed. This thing has helped us navigate for over 10.000 kilometers already. The computer next to it is great too. What a dashboard to have on a bicycle.

The compass bell & computer

Our tent Esvo Foxtrot

We have a great tent which is 20 years old now. It is lightweight and still waterproof, it functions very well. It has a sleeping area and a living area where we can put all our bags and stuff. We just love our tent and hopefully it will stay with us for many more years. Here’s the website of the Dutch manufacturer We saw they stopped making this tent, but they do have a smaller version of it, the ‘Ahorn’.

Our beautiful Esvo Tent

Elske’s ride: Cannondale F400 2006

Elske decided to pimp her ‘old’ Cannondale mountainbike into a great travelbike. Our favorite bikemechanic Nico from Groningen fixed all sorts of things, like better tires, racks, chain etc.

Elske's F400 Cannondale 2006

Bauke’s ride: Specialized Tricross 2010

Bauke bought a new bike, a crossover between an ATB and a ’10-speed’. He decide to pimp his bike and sprayed the frame army green.

Bauke and his Specialized Tricross

Our bike mechanic: Nico Marinus

We got a lot of help and advice from Nico, who has a bicycle repair shop downtown Groningen. If you ever need to get your bike fixed, visit him at Dynamo Groningen, Walburgstraat 6, right behind the ‘Martinitoren’.

Nico at Dynamo Groningen

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